2014       Hosen Center  /  Yahud

Client: W&B Towers Ltd.
Size: 40,000sqm
Program: offices and commercial
Computer images: Line Creative

Sky Center at Hosen compound, Yahud innovative design will lead the Hosen compound and Yahud's new industrial area into the 21st century, creating a center for a wide range of commercial, employment, leisure, cultural and social activities.

Sky center at Hosen will connect to the promenade planned south of Avraham Geron Street through a patio. The patio, merging the inside and the outside, will be the heart of the complex, hosting various outdoor activities, gatherings and events.
The shape of the building is inspired by the nearby airport, the office tower rising above it like a lighthouse or a watchtower.
The outer shell is a "Mashrabiya" made of precast white concrete, designed to provide isolation and solar control. A dynamic shell that together with the project's general scheme, is part of a sustainable design concept.

Opposed to the norm, public and commercial spaces will be located both on the underground floors and above ground, watching the airport. The project expresses transparency and accessibility, the key elements of its design.
The Hosen Sky Center will be an iconic city landmark and an architectural milestone in the developing landscape.