2022       The Sundial Memorial, Beit Yad Lebanim  /  Raanana

Client: Department of Families and Commemoration, Ministry of Defense
Program: Memorial Monument
3D imaging: Gilad Lan

Honoring the memory of the falMlen is a challenging project.
We aimed to design a monument that would combine place and memory, a monument that would be a symbol of life rather than death and commemoration, to create a gathering place that would integrate into the renewed plaza of Beit Yad Lebanim and would attract visitors not only in memorial days.
The whole monument is composed of one simple element – an exposed concrete brick sized 80/40/20 cm.
The number of bricks is the number of the fallen, they are positioned in the open space in a spiral outline, stacked upon each other in varying heights.
The monument invites the observer to walk amidst the bricks in a winding path, entwined with texts, poems and of course the fallen names, carved into the concrete.
The shadow cast on the plaza changes throughout the hours of day and the seasons of the year, turning the monument into a sundial.
The shadows create an ever-changing experience of the monument, like a kinetic environmental sculpture that symbols the continuing cycle of life.