Essays, Reviews and Interviews
Title Source Author/Editor Date Topic
On production & Representation of Regionalism in Jerusalem Department of Architecture and Town Planning, the Technion Yaniv Pardo 2009 Theory
Video and Audio
Title Source Director/ Producer Date Topic
אדריכלות מקומית מחדשת Yaniv Pardo lecture at DA Magazine 2020 General
Contemporary Building in the Historical Heart of Tel Aviv Yaniv Pardo lecture at Ariel University 2020 General
Park One Studio 84 2017 General
Park One Studio 84 2017 General
Yaniv Pardo about The Benjamin project Digital Cloud LTD 2017 General
The Benjamin project Digital Cloud LTD 2017 General
Dream Architects Chanel 10 Kinneret Golan Hoz/ Moshe Danni 2011 General
Yaniv Pardo Chanel 2 Bait VeNoy 2006 General
Title Author/Editor Publisher Date
Montefiori 22 archello 2023
22 Montefiori Residential and Commercial Building archdaily 2023
The White Box House archdaily 2023
Michaelis Square archello 2023
The Arches Pool, Ramle Haaretz 2022
Cremieux 13 & Mikve Israel 23 DA Magazine 2022
42 Shvat Street Apartments carlovich magazine 2021
42 Shvat Street Apartments ArchDaily 2021
Sacher Park Cafe FULLDES 2021
Sacher Park Cafe mooool 2019
The Carmel Forests Monument mooool 2019
Sacher Park Cafe Archdaily 2019
Lilienblum 14, Yehuda HaLevy 10 Archello 2019
Sacher Park Cafe Worldarchitecture 2019
Lilienblum 14 – Rudi House Avital Broida Xnet 2018
Jaggendorf House Fernanda Castro Archdaily 2016
HaDoar compound, Jaffa Giora Urian Domus Israel 2015
Hosen Compound Sivana Ofir Binyan VeDiyur 2014
Title Date
Second Prize in AI Architecture of Israel, Project of the Year 2018-9 competition for Sacher Park, Jerusalem 2019
Israeli Design Award for Lilienblum 14, Tel Aviv 2018
Israeli Design Award for Ben Shatach 5, Jaffa 2015
First prize in the competition for Jerusalem's Open Space and Governmental Area 2008
First prize in the Prof. Kashtan competition for post-graduate Thesis at the Faculty of Architecture and Urban Design of the Technion 2006
Second prize in the invited competition for the engineering corps memorial in Hulda wood 2001
Finals at the competition for Israel’s North Metropolitan Central Library in Haifa 2000
Honorable Mention at the competition for Remez – Tel Aviv Central Community Center 1997
First prize in the competition for the renovation of the civil engineering building at the Technion in Haifa 1996