2006       Ben Shetach 5  /  Jaffa, Tel Aviv

Client: Dan-Shiraz Ltd.
Size: 4500sqm
Program: 24 units
Photo: Amit Geron
Computer images: Noam Farchi

The complex is, located in a new developing neighborhood, "HaDoar" district. A very quiet area surrounded by "midrahovim" (pedestrian streets). It is one of the most beautiful places in Tel-Aviv- Jaffa, between the sea shore and the renewed Jerusalem Avenue. The site is surrounded by original Jaffaic preserved buildings, from the British and the Ottoman periods. They stand as decoration and host a variety of cultural, entertainment and leisure sights.

The unique location of the site creates an authentic and quiet living atmosphere, enjoying the beating heart of major entertainment sights and leisure centers. The complex is within 2 minutes walking distance from all points of interest.

Ben Shetach 5 is located only 250m from the sea shore, the flee market, old Jaffa & tourist center, "Noga" theatre district, "Hatachana" project and more.

At this special spot, on the Northern edge of Jaffa, Ben Shetach 5 residential complex was designed to provide its owners (20 families) a unique identity. This identity is made up of a number of design decisions, which include a composition of old and new, the use of massive volumes with dynamic cornices and more.

The complex is made up of different spaces, is closed and dramatic. The entrance to the complex is from a public garden and via the patio. The entrance patio divides the complex into two cores which are united in the back, and creates the spatial tension between them. This space penetrates some of the exterior into the structure and provides a meeting place.

Each core has its own internal entrance lobby. The lobbies are unique and impressive and include a door keeper desk, visitor seats and an elevator for 6 passengers. In one of the cores next to the lobby there is a large gym room and in the other one there is a bicycle room.

The complex is sealed from the street, and there is no way of detecting its inner life from outside.

The closed stone faade which is facing the street protects the complex spaces, whereas, a glass construction opens up towards the view of the sea, old Jaffa and the city of Tel Aviv. The monolithic glass volumes look from a distance like two watchtowers over the Jaffa harbor.

At the basement level there are 24 parking spaces, storage rooms, maintenance facilities, a laundry room and two elevators, one for each core.

The big vertical windows offer amazing views, full of light and beauty. The high ceilings echo the Jaffa style architecture of the area. The spatial complexity, large openings and light sources were designed as reactions to the neighborhood and its surrounding. It creates an interior/ exterior interaction.

Interlocking views between the floors create a sense of unity between all parts of the complex. The double space in the loft apartments, six meters high, frames the views to the public garden in front, the alley and the horizon. The extraordinary architecture gives each living space a unique quality and an added dimension to the interior design.