2020       Cremieux 13  /  Tel Aviv

Client: Private
Size: 900sqm
Program: 5 units
Photo: Amit Geron

The building on 13 Cremieux street was built in 1953 and planned by arch. A. (or E.) Mittleman.
The building is located within the boundaries of the "Heart of the City" plan and its main importance lays in its location within the urban fabric and its humble role in the urban outline.<
Its original building style is typical to the period of transition between planning that laid on classical traditions and the development of the local International Style.

Aiming to take the building one step forward, the building addition continues the existing casing but breaks the original composition symmetry through a series of folds, thus the new addition and the preserved building become one homogenous volume. The bright, dazzling white plaster reflects the Tel Avivian light and highlights the solid and sculptural character of the building.