2021       Hayarkon 185  /  Tel Aviv

Client: Private
Size: 2,165sqm
Program: residential, commercial, hotel
Computer imaging: Pitom Studio

"city would be one whose districts or landmarks or pathways are easily identifiable and are easily grouped into an over-all pattern.”
The image of the city, Kevin Lynch

The project is located in the intersection between two major roads – the Arlozorov axis that sprawls from east to west, and Hayarkon axis that sprawls from north to south. The intersection between the two axes is the reason to locate there an urban landmark.
The white city committee didn’t recognize the potential of this unusual spot. By new and edge design of this landmark it is possible to plan an architectural icon that does not resemble the familiar landscape, an entrance gate to the "White City" and a connection of the Arlozorov axis to the sea.
Along Arlozorov Street there are several high-rise construction centers that stand out from their surroundings, violate the pace of the street, and constitute potential for street renewal.
The project is located in the most western spot, and thus can contribute to the Tel Aviv construction landscape and add an important value in the renewal of Arlozorov Street.
The high construction as an incentive for renewal, the addition of the vertical dimension and the addition of the hotel use, will create a connection between the historic network of axes and will make the project a center of attraction.