2001       Koresh 1  /  Jaffa, Tel Aviv

Client: Private
Size: 700sqm
Program: 7 units
Photo: Amit Geron

A sculptural element in the shape of a staircase, attracts the visitors attention as he/ she are walking up the entrance stairs. This element divides the apartment, which is built as a longitudinal space, and creates a number of open spaces around it.

To the north of the staircase pier- are the kitchen and dining room. Above the pier there is a wide skylight which works as a lighting object in the heart of the flat.

The permission from the municipality of Tel Aviv for the roof addition, was on the condition that the whole building would be renovated. The restoration of the building, which is painted white- was done in the nature of the international style or the Modernist movement. The nation of the building as an envelope to the space, means that the envelope should be minimal.