2020       Mikve Israel 23  /  Tel Aviv

Client: Private
Size: 2400sqm
Program: 30 units, residential, commercial
Photo: Amit Geron

Vilozni House
After almost a decade we completed strict preservation of Vilosni House, that was built between 1936-7 by Arch. Mordechai Rosengarten.
The building adhered to the International Style principles, with curving balconies that run across the main facades, and marked the beginning of the city's eastwards development.

As part of a complicated building-rights shift plan, a Syrian refugee's shelter at the top floor has turned into 2 spacious penthouses, the mezzanine above the commercial floor became a residential floor and a basement has been dug under the entire contour for apartments with lowered yards. The rest of the building rights were shifted to another project of ours, a couple of hundred meters away, on 70 Yehuda Halevy Street.
The perimetric balconies, together with the line breaking the front façade into two level planes create a dominant horizontal line and a dramatic presence in the street.

The yard that formed between the two façades we have turned into a square with public usufruct, thus turning the street corner into an urban space that holds a dialogue between the building and the street, and the developing neighborhood was granted with a shaded piazza.