2018       Nirim 2-12  /  Tel Aviv

Client: Gottex Swimwear Brands Ltd. | A.B. Nirim Entrepreneurship Ltd.
Size: 120,000 sqm
Program: 260 units, commercial, employment and public
Computer Images: Totem 3D Animation

The project continues the belt of towers along the Ayalon River, between Itzhak Sadeh road and Nokia stadium. In accordance with the Tel-Aviv new master plan, the site is of mixed-use: commercial on the ground level, public spaces on the plinth floors, employment on the middle floors and residential on the upper floors.
Above the plinth floors, a podium of gardens connected by an overpass constitutes one of the scheme's main urban features. The overpass also enables a future connection to the planned Itzhak Sadeh towers and train station.
The various masses are laid one on top of the other in slight shifts and movements, thus visually enhancing the eclectic program.
Furthermore, the ground floor's design creates courts -"urban rooms", framed by the gardens above, which enhance the monolithic towers and serve as tranquil breaks from city life.
The "cloud towers" design is inspired by the vernacular Tel Avivian modernism and employs ornamental bries-soleil panels that reflect their surroundings. In addition to the climatic contribution, the skin also changes the towers' perception: from a distant perspective it looks like clouds, thus blurring the boundaries between the built mass and the sky.
The front of the building offers a change in the common experience of mass in relation to scale, program, city and street, while the whole site creates a sense of a place that brings together the local and global, the iconic and the mundane, and offers a new identity and definition to the Tel Avivian tower.