2020  Apartment in a tower on Rothschild Boulevard  /  Tel Aviv

Client: Private
Size: 170sqm
Program: Private residence
Photo: Amit Geron

The flat is situated on a high floor facing west in a new tower on Rothschild Boulevard in Tel Aviv, spanning over 170 sqm on a single level with 3 bedrooms.

Pre-renovation, this flat was designed in accordance to the building's standard. We have demolished the entire interior and redesigned it from scratch to house a bachelor Tel-Avivian lawyer. The vision was to live in a dream, to leave reality behind once one walks in through the door into another place and another time. The design was total: we have peeled the entire place down to the skeleton. There were no compromises or conflicts. The tenant had total trust in us from the very first sketch, through the detailed plans to the choice of the last piece of furniture. Our concept was to use a repetitive neoclassical detail in a modern, contemporary fashion. A woodwork element that would create the space divisions, openings, kitchen, bathrooms and storage spaces. Albeit not a very large flat, it was very important for us to insert an entrance hall which would comprise another hierarchy before the main space is revealed. The hall gently leads us into the living room, a space lighted by white curtain walls that opens up to a spacious balcony. The woodwork element follows the entrance and turns into a library and a fireplace in the living room. The library continues into the balcony, where it becomes a planter with a lemon tree and other Mediterranean vegetation to match the view of the sea and old Jaffa rooftops. Further and parallel to the living room we find the kitchen and the dining room. In the dining room we have placed a round table, wisely situated against the curtain walls corner that shows the most impressive view. The kitchen is also built of the same woodwork element, functionally comprising storage for all the kitchenware and equipment. A spacious island, made of veiny natural grey stone, separates the kitchen from the dining room. An impressive corridor leads from the kitchen to the private wing of the flat. The corridor walls are covered with the woodwork element that hides the rooms' doors, thus turning a mundane passageway into an abstract space that comprises an integral part of the journey, the trip, so to speak, inside the flat. Blurring the conventional division between public and private was important to us: in this flat, even routine daily life takes on a dramatic, festive aspect. Naturally, the same unique woodwork element also builds the wardrobes, the dressers, the libraries, the bed headboards and the bathrooms while creating the various space divisions.

There are no walls, windows or doors in this flat. It is one giant, twisting piece of furniture that solves all the various functions, surrounded by floor to ceiling glass walls featuring the breathtaking view of Rothschild Boulevards, old Jaffa and the sea.

Our architects firm mainly specializes in planning unique complexed buildings, in years long processes of coordinating multiple systems, consultants and other factors. The tenant is our client in that field, who convinced us to design his private residence. His total trust in us to carry out this kind of project, knowing that interior design is not our main expertise, speaks for his broadly open mind as well as the firm's flexibility. Such was the work process, and accordingly, the results. Thanks to our fruitful relationship with the client we have managed, very shortly, efficiently and without any disagreements or disappointments, to bring the vision to life: the flat of his dreams, just as he imagined it.

The wisely and meticulously executed repetitive woodwork element runs throughout the various flat spaces, and while being very distinct in form, it still comprises a quiet white background to the delicate furniture and the flat's inhabitants. We have in fact created a theatre set: the flat is the stage, and our amazing client is the lead actor in this play.