2022       Sde Dov  /  Tel Aviv

Client: Private.
Size: 32,000 sqm
Program: commercial and 324 rental units
3D images: studio 84

Sde Dov – housing for rent
A new design for a 39 story tower and a low-rise, 324 rental units and commercial development located in Sde Dov. A tower that doesn’t feel like a high-rise, but a vertical village that develops life and community feeling.
The design consists of two elements that merge: the low-rise and the tower. The tower acts as a landmark, turning towards the sea as an icon in the city. The low-rise frames the site perimeter and defines an open commercial piazza.
The façade expression of the project mimics Tel Avivian Bauhaus international style to create visual connection to the city. The terraced section will both optimize the views and daylights for each unit.
The aesthetics of the balconies and terraces give the building a unique identity, create an impression of constant movement bringing life to the surrounding and scale to the apartments.
The generous outdoor spaces of the project connect renters to nature with plants, fresh air and city views. The terraces also activate the façade, enriching it with texture, color, depth and variety, as well as human scale.

Unfortunately this ambitious beautiful project won’t get built.